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dont remember but yeah, intel graphics are currently on par with nvidia on linux though not AMD I used to use intel in my laptop, but it was painful to use, so I moved to nvidia I see your point my desktop is a nvidia it's working fine yay! my arch and lubuntu machines are intel and our server was intel bbl, gotta go to the bank and work :) have fun! Mmmm... oh bluesabre - irc pong :) elfy, happy to see you here! I know I was here :) though I'm thinking not :) And back... :) hi Unit193 knome :) is there something going on for us yet? Well, I assume not. there was, but we're still recovering from that mmm - I will leave you two to get on with it :) I'll poke my head in once I get done tonight bbl Thanks, hope you have fun. :D see you hello peeps hey bluesabre Howdy. :D hey Unit193 bluesabre: You don't have anything? not currently, was hoping to learn what has changed in the past week since I last looked at this issue (actually, I think I've looked at this before Did you see my posts? maybe last month I saw the announcement, but was hoping to get some more details Well, not sure how you can be sure the next person, or the next few, won't open up a new bug...



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Download Psikey Dll Corel X6 marhou

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